We passionately believe that it takes well equipped ships, operated to the highest technical standards, and staffed by well trained and highly motivated personnel to make shipping a commercially viable business in the longer term. We are committed to the proactive integration of QHSE objectives into our management system at all levels.


How we care

We are reliable.

Delivering technical reliability and profitability requires deep expertise.

We are experts.

With over 50 years of experience in ship management and ownership we know what you need.

We hire the best.

The quality of officers and crew is the most important factor in the management of a vessel.

We manage responsibly.

Ships represent large investments. We manage them with great care and expertise.


What we do.

Ship Management

Our ship management team is internationally renowned for its quality, reliability, and innovative approach. We possess in-depth knowledge of today’s energy efficiency measures, emission control, and environmental requirements. From design concepts, feasibility studies, and contract negotiations to on-site supervision during construction, we can guarantee the seamless delivery of your future projects.

Our management team has extensive experience, both on and offshore, and is available 24/7 to support vessels. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality ship supplies and maintenance services at competitive prices by leveraging our long-standing relationships with major suppliers, service providers, and shipyards.All vessels are managed based on the requirements of the principal regulations governing maritime safety, various ISO standards, their design, class and flag state as well as the individual requirements of the charterer, and last but not least, the ship owner.

Our technical management services include:
  • Organization and implementation of maintenance work
  • Continuous assessment of the ship’s condition using our planned maintenance system and onboard inspections
  • Planning and supervising dry-dockings
  • Restocking spare parts, lubricating oil and other consumables and supplies
  • Preparation and control of budgets
  • Maximisation of energy efficiency when operating the fleet
  • Weather routing
  • Frequent inspection and checking of nautical, communication and safety equipment
  • Statutory certification
  • Newbuilding supervision
  • Implementation of new technical developments

In addition to these day-to-day management tasks, we offer our services for conversion, retrofit and new build projects.

Operating Department

Our fleet is chartered by leading players in the shipping industry. Our Operating Department provides the interface between Charterers, Brokers, Agents and Vessel Commands and ensures the smooth day to day running and employment of the vessels. All charter related and post-fixture matters are handled by the Operating Department whose first priority is to deliver customer satisfaction for our charter clients.

Our operation services include:
  • The negotiation of charter party terms in close cooperation with Owners‘ exclusive broker
  • Supplying Masters on board with the necessary time charter instructions
  • The monitoring and accounting of hire payments as well as supporting the handling of P&I and FD&D claims
  • Monitoring Ship performance in close cooperation with our technical management department

Ships that are not under a time charter or which perform positioning voyages are under full operational control of our Operating Department.

Commercial Management

Our team offers a full range of services that you would expect from a first class ship manager. Ship owners receive tailored forecasts, liquidity calculations and reports concerning their vessels. Our transparent management system provides ship owners with realtime information about the technical, crewing and financial state of their vessels.

Our objective is to build long-lasting investor relationships by continually monitoring and managing the vessel’s operating costs of vessels, delivering the best results for owners and simultaneously ensuring the safest and most reliable operations of their ships.

Our Services include:
  • Project planning and setting up of financing
  • Continuous cash and currency management
  • Controlling ships‘ operating costs
  • Comprehensive financial reporting

Crew Management

Our mission is to find and keep top-notch seafarers to guarantee safe vessel operations, personnel safety, and the prevention of marine pollution.

Our goal is to establish lasting value for our clients by forging strategic partnerships that facilitate the development of human resources with a strong focus on quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our Crew Management Operation

From our modern office in Hamburg, we oversee a pool of over 1,500 highly skilled seafarers. Our extensive expertise covers various areas, including:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and education
  • Travel arrangements
  • Budgeting for allotments and accounts

We establish long-term partnerships with reputable manning agencies in Eastern Europe and the Philippines to drive our recruitment efforts. Leveraging a web-based human resources management system, which interfaces with specific manning and travel agencies, we maintain the highest standards of data integrity and communication efficiency. This approach provides real-time access to personnel data and associated certifications, enabling us to respond promptly and effectively to emergencies and challenges.




Our business success depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our services while protecting people and the environment. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety and last but not least, environmental protection.

In order to achieve this our QHSE System is based on the implementation of the following principles:

Our QHSE system fulfils, but is not limited to, the requirements of the ISM Code, the STCW Code and MLC. A Ship Security Plan addresses the requirements of the ISPS Code.