The ships of Claus-Peter Offen normally operate with a 21-man crew. Where necessary, for example if the cargo comprises a large proportion of reefer containers, a crew of to 24 men may be used.

The Master, First Officer, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer and the Electrician on germanflag vessels are usually german nationals. On foreignflag vessels, the officers are recruited from Poland, Ukraine and other East European countries and Philippines.

The foreign employees are recruited directly by Hamburg, in cooperation with reputable manning agencies in Poland, Ukraine (Mariupol or Odessa), Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

It is worth noting that not only a large proportion of the German employees have been with Claus-Peter Offen for more than 10 years (in some cases for 25 years), but there are also a large proportion of the Philippine employees who have been crewing the ships as long as 10 or 15 years.

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